Welcome to SAKANA Omakase sushi.

We offer an omakase experience for dinner with affordable prices.

We do Gluten free and Kosher diet!

Please read the menu before you make your reservation, once you choose a menu, you cannot adjust the option that was chosen.

We Offer 2 Menu

Signature omakase at $58 for 60 minutes bar seating

Include daily Fishes and signature nigiri pieces (Waygu beef with uni on top,  double Toro which 2 layers fatty bluefin tuna, caviar, and gold leaves)

Sakana omakase at $108 for 90 minutes bar seating

Include 4 dishes on kaiseki tray ,special dish Toro tartar with Texas Toast, 14 pieces Nigiri (most high premium fish from japan, like Nodoguro (rosy bass), Aged Toro, Sakura mutsu Salmon from Hokkaido  ), signature bowl uni tempura shiso bowl also Dessert

Please come on time for the best service and experience, if you come late, we still counting your time. Any delays will cause a wait for our next customer. Thank you for your visit to Sakana. We are proud to serve our Omakase for you.

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Omakase is the Japanese tradition of letting a chef choose your order. The word means “I will leave it to you.” It’s a fine tradition that gives the chef creative freedom and the customer a memorable dining experience.
Any good chef is a creative individual. Creativity isn’t always good business. Customers want to see the old predicable favorites on the menu.
Omakase lets the chef flex their culinary talents. It’s generally considered a friendly gesture that may earn you excellent service.

12 primo slots at the counter and the rest at tables. Two menus will be offered, with one at 12 courses for $58 — considerably less than competitors and another at 20 courses for $108. And Sakana Course is going beyond raw fish — what’s served will change consistently, but expect the likes of miso black cod with mustard seed, foie gras peking duck tacos, and Snow crab avocado salad.